1351 N Tornillo St • Las Cruces, NM, 88001-1823• 505-527-2425
Philathea Seventh-day Adventist Church


We are the Philathea Seventh-Day Adventist Church and we are located on 1351 North Tornillo Street in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are a small, Bible believing church. We'd like to invite you to take a look around on our website and you can see how we apply God's Word to our lives by what we say and do. In the past, Seventh-Day Adventists have been mistakenly linked with or criticized as being a part of certain religous groups. For this reason we thought it wise to state who we are not. If you would like to see who we are you can click on the What We Believe link on the left. 
                                                               We ARE Protestant Christians
The Members of Philathea SDA

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Upcoming Events
Prayer Meeting - Apr 23, Wed 7:00 PM -  Come join us as we sing praises to God, study the Bible,...
Vespers/ A.Y. - Apr 26, Sat 7:00 PM - Join our vespers program as we close out the Sabbath with...